It was the best of times. It was the worst of times….
We’re finally home from the craziest tour ever, and I can easily say that it was the hardest thing that we’ve ever done. If you were following the events of the tour, you were probably just as blown away as we were that these things could continue to happen… (To list the big whammies: Cornbread’s car gets totaled in an accident the day before we leave. Our van/trailer/gear/merch/all belongings stolen in Houston. Richmond floods, totaling Keeley’s car. Keeley’s apartment declared unlivable. Travis chips his tooth. Replacement gear falls apart. Keeley’s remaining bag is lost. Someone hacks into our paypal donation account and attempts to steal money (luckily we caught them), etc. etc.) There were moments after misfortune upon misfortune, when the only thing we wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry. Thankfully, the overwhelming support from our friends, families, and YOU saved our band from certain death. The fact that we continued the tour, and got such great feedback from everyone at the shows was enough to renew our slightly damaged faith in mankind.
Thanks especially to MusiCares (a non-profit organization who gave us some money to put toward buying new equipment), Cathy and Lookout Records (without whom we could not have continued), these arms are snakes, brazil, donnie, gabe, tony, rhino, and sparta, denver dalley and statistics, lou and jeff, jay from fiddler, levi, silent uproar, minus the bear, ryan chavez, atticus, etnies, brian and lovitt, tucker rule, fran, shabba and daryl, fender, bill and C&C drums, brian from cinci, jason black, eddie thrice, ryan ptw, mahmood, pitchfork media, munaf , michael and explosions in the sky, andrew against me, jake, matt murder by death, brian mcternan, paul delaney, courtney@lucky mule, cam dinunzio, chris richards, erica and joe f-minus, jason hamacher, zildjian, timmy mig, matt maginn, matt sherwood, jessica and mammoth print shop, nate burke, tristin @swell pr. Also, thanks so much to those of you who have donated to our paypal account, you are helping us SO MUCH by chipping away at the sizeable stolen merchandise debt that we are still carrying. Our reaction and everyone else’s responses to all of these mishaps have reminded us of how important this new record is to us, and inspired us even more to keep doing what we love- sharing our music.
And now… Let’s wash away the bad events of the past month and never speak of them again.